Julia Goyer | Burning Man 2017
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Burning Man 2017

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Burning Man 2017

Black Rock City, pop. 70,000, is a life-affirming escape from the mundane. A mind-blowing secret society that is uncomfortably elitist. Like any boundary pushing endeavor, arrive armed with an open mind and you’ll feel a fire in your belly.


‘Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It’s a way of understanding it.’ – Lloyd Alexander


In the middle of nowhere, free of social constructs, rebellion isn’t feared but encouraged. Imagine a world without rules, free of social constructs. If compassion was currency, and eccentricity enamored. Open-mindedness is more than a pre-requisite for Burning Man, its a necessity for living a full life. Self-actualization is a lifelong journey.


Business, friendships, seasons, the economy; life is a succession of cycles. In summary of a favourite Kurt Vonnegut quote: “we’re born with wings, some of us jump off cliffs, others glide through a satisfactory life”. However bold or banal, what many equate with success is financial or celebrity. Choosing happiness every day is the only wealth we’re accountable for.


Being genuine is the foundation of integrity. Spirituality is often preached instead of practiced. Life is a journey of growth and humility is a requisite. Einstein believed that imagination was even more important than knowledge itself.


Keep your inner child ignited. Burning Man was another reminder to live every day for me. Sometimes we get lost in commitment. Never forget the obligation you have to yourself.


Burning Man