Julia Goyer | Google Search Hacks
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Google Search Hacks

Google Search Hacks

I like to tell you some tricks that will help you every day.

Google Search Hack:
1. Exclude certain words from a google search by adding a minus sign (-) followed by the words you want to exclude.

2. Use quotes to search for an exact phrase.

3. Search within a website by typing “site:” followed by the URL of the site and your search terms

4. Have Google do math for you by simply searching the equation

5. Adding “intitle:” infront of your search term will only produce results with that term in the title of the webpage

6. Do two Google searches at once by adding ‘or’ between the search terms

7. Find hilarious GIFs easier by clicking “Search Tools” and then changing “Type” to animated

8. Type “translate ‘language A’ to ‘language B'” to put a translator out of a job.

9. Use Google News to search 100 years’ worth of digitized newspapers just as you would the internet.

10. Search for sites that link another site on their pages by searching “link” and then the website

11. Searching the name of a holiday will tell you what date that holiday is on

12. Convert currency and units

13. Don’t remember the name of a song you heard? Fill in the blanks of any search with asterisks (*) and Google will try to complete your search for you.

14. Looking for a PDF or Powerpoint on a specific topic? You can search by file type by searching “filetype:PPT”

15. Putting the search term in quotation marks will search for words in that exact order

16. Putting “..” between two numbers will search within that range.

17. “Donkey news 2008..2010” will only show news articles from 2008 to 2010, while “digital camera $200..$300” will only show cameras within that price range.If you include the word “anagram” in your search, Google will make anagrams for you. Even if you’re trying to define anagram.

18. Define a word by typing “define:” followed by the word.

19. Set a timer by typing “set timer for” and then the amount of time.

20. Google has a built in calculator for tipping, just search “tip calculator”

21. Search for “Songs by” and the name of a band, then Google will display all of their songs.

22. Search for “Books by” and the name of an author, Google will display all of their works.

23. You can even search for plane information by searching the flight number

24. If you need to know what time the sun will rise or set, just search it on Google

25. Search for the origin behind words by adding “etymology” onto the end

26. Google will also let you pitch two foods against each other

27. If you search for “Google gravity” and hit “I’m feeling lucky” then you’ll get a rather literal definition of gravity

28. Ask Google for “recursion” and you’ll get recursion

29. Ask Google to “do a barrel roll” and it’ll do a barrel roll

30. Search “Atari Breakout” on Google Images and you can play the legendary block breaker with the results.

31. If you Google “zerg rush”, you’ll have to protect your search results from being eaten by Google’s o’s. Yes, this is a thing.

32. If you hit ‘I’m feeling lucky’ without actually typing anything into the search box, you’ll get a catalogue of all the Google doodles — all the way back to 1998

YouTube Hacks:
1. Make YouTube video to GIF: Just add “GIF” to the front of a YouTube URL, like this:

You’ll be taken to GIF YouTube, where you can set the length of your GIF and add captions.

2. Find HD Friendly Internet Providers: Google’s Video Quality Report can show you what quality of video your internet provider can support. The website can also compare your speed to other providers in your area.

This handy chart reveals which ISPs are most equipped to handle high-definition streaming.

3. Keyboard Shortcuts: Try ‘em!
– k = pause or play
– j = rewind 10 seconds
– l = fast-forward 10 seconds
– m = mute
– Number 0 = go to the beginning of the video
– Numbers 1 to 9 = jump to 10% to 90% of the video
While captions are on:
– + = make caption font bigger
– – = make caption font smaller

4. Test The New Redesign: Go to youtube.com/testtube, scroll to the bottom, and click “Get the player.”

5. Play Videos On Your TV: If you own a smart TV or Chromecast, you can beam YouTube videos from your mobile device to a TV display over Wi-Fi.

Open the YouTube app on your TV or gaming console, then head to youtube.com/pair (make sure you’re signed in). On your TV, find Settings in the YouTube app, select Pair Device, and enter the code into youtube.com/pair.
Once your device is paired, you’ll be able to tap the icon shown above to start playing YouTube videos on your TV.

6. Speed Up Video Buffering: If your videos are taking forever to load, change the default streaming quality for your account. Go to youtube.com/account_playback and select this option: “I have a slow connection. Never play higher-quality video.”

7. Use Search Keywords: Add these terms to help you refine search results:
– Add “channel” or “playlist”
– Add “HD” for high-definition or “3D” for three-dimensional videos
– Add “allintitle” to get an exact match of your search query
– Add quotation marks, as well as a plus or minus sign to include or omit results (for example: “beyonce” + “destiny’s child” OR “beyonce” – “jay-z”)

8. Filter Fitness Videos: Youfitness.me is a website that categorizes YouTube workouts by type and duration.

9. Record The MP3 of Any Video: Peggo is a website that can turn YouTube videos and SoundCloud tracks into MP3s.

10. Create A Playlist With SoundCloud and Vimeo: Solon is a website that can combine Youtube videos, SoundCloud tracks, and Vimeo videos on the same playlist.

11. Watch Videos While Surfing The Web: Floating YouTube is a Chrome extension that keeps a floating mini player on top of all windows for YouTube.

12. Slow Tutorials Down: Click on the gear icon > Speed > select “.5” or “.25” to play a video in slow motion.

13. Keep Activity Private: While signed in, go to youtube.com/account_privacy and make sure all boxes are checked.

14. Specific Start Time: If you want to share just a certain portion of a videowith a user, Consider the following Youtube Video URL:


fter the URL link add #t=01m08s to set the starting point of the video at 1 minute and 8 seconds.

15. Auto Video Replay: Just replace youtube with the text infinitelooper in the URL and hit enter.

16. Accurate Keyword Searching: Add allintitle: before the keywords you are search for and it will basically provide you with only videos that include the chosen keywords.

17. Omit Keywords: You can opt for specific keywords to be in the search, or out of it. Let’s say you are searching for a tutorial about ‘register domain.’ Using the most conventional search form you will find tons of videos about how to register domain using Godaddy.
If you want to find other options that are not GoDaddy, you can always exclude the keyword from your search results i.e. ‘keyword -excluded keyword.’
Here is how it should look like.

18. Speed Checker: The most important race in the world is the red bar and the grey bar. Youtubers know what I am talking about. You can actually check the loading speeds of the video (if it makes you feel better, you know, knowing if the problem is with your connection, or the blasted video) by adding my_speed next to the address of YouTube Home Page.
If you can’t remember the URL extension, right click on any video and head to ‘Take speed test’.

You will get readings of your average video speed based on your location and can even compare speeds based on certain dates.

19. YouTube Search Fun: Search with following keywords and see the magic:
a. beam me up scotty
b. use the force luke
c. doge meme

20. Watch Age Restriction Video Without Logged In: Remove “watch?” from URL and replace “v=” with following “v/”

21. Watch YouTube TV from Your Browser: Visit YouTube TV