Forward Thinking in Canadian Politics – The Conservative Nomination

Forward Thinking in Canadian Politics – The Conservative Nomination

Traditionally Conservative, I have been disappointed with their nominees after Harper’s first term. The disfunction resulting in a tight race to the  Oval Office has propelled reflection in our country’s political sphere. I think it’s time for change in our Party leadership.

As a patriate, and a Canadian, we are a proud multicultural society. Trudeau appointed a gender equal and race diverse cabinet. During a worldwide pandemic, his calm demeanour and eloquence has gained my admiration.

Like many Canadians I followed the American election. Unlike America, we are not a country divided. After Trump was elected in 2016 I have been following Kamala Harris. She is eloquent, charismatic, and embodies many of the family values that resonate with so many households across North America and across the world. She could have undeniably won the election for the democrats. 

Leslyn Lewis, a socially conservative lawyer with a PhD in Environmental Science, was the first visible minority woman to run for the federal Conservative Party leadership. It was tight race between Lesyn, Erin O’Toole and Peter MacKay. I hope that by next election, the leader elect will give many more Canadians the confidence to move Canada forward.

I approve of how the Liberal Party has helped Canadians navigate through these tough times. It is not forgotten that Jody Wilson-Raybould left the party after the SNC-Lavalin affair and the We Charity Scandal is ongoing. 

It is time for the reform of Conservative leadership. Present a leader whose platform and policies will strengthening our post-pandemic economy, and promote clean energy. As we face a declining oil industry, we require a clean energy solution that will create jobs. 

I yearn for a well spoken, qualified person to lead us into the future. As we abolish gender and sexual norms, we’re propelled into a movement of change. We have a choice, and deserve a leader that is a forward thinker. A nominee to lead us into the future. The next leader of the Conservative Party should reflect the dynamic values of all Canadians. 

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